Thursday, 6 October 2011

Love Catalunya!

Flash try on La corva de la felicitat 7c (Margalef)

A one week Rock Trip doesn't sound enough, but I feel I have done lot's of climbing and had lot's of fun. We climbed for three days at Margalef, one day at Collagate, one rainy day at Terradets and one day at Camerasa. Catalunya has so much variety of rocks near each other. I think this is the best sport climbing area in the world.

My aim for this trip was to try on-sight/flash as much as possible rather than project/redpoint, so we decided to have no more than two goes on each route. I really enjoy the feeling of giving it your all when I try to climb on-site. Not knowing what is coming next trying hardest on your first go.

My high point on this trip was 1x7b 1x7b/+ on-sight, 1x7c/+ 2nd go. I am happy for it ♪

↑ Fun approach to Collegates crag

       ↑ Awesome steep climbing at Collagates (Per Tutti I'Ano 7b+)

Amazing tufa climbing ( Terradets)
After rain the sun came out, turned into boiling heat, sunbathing spot.
We had to have two hours siesta time.

Being in Spain always gives me such a great feeling. Blue sky and strong sunshine, smells of dried land spectacular landscapes. Always nice to meet friendly motivated climbers from all over the world!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Pembroke Limestone!

This was our first trip to Pembroke and also the first time we've ever done any seacliff trad.
I think this is the best location for climbing in the UK, but it's not all about climbing with beautiful beaches
and great surfing there is always something to do.
Luckily we had nice sunny days while we were there. I really enjoyed this style climbing in the sunshine
( it was almost too hot to climb, but no complaining!) I will definitely come back and try bit more harder routes next time.

St Goven's

                                                          Classic route Pleasure Dome

Day 1, St Goven's  alll classics
Army Dreams(HVS)
The Arrow(E1)
Test Case(E3)
The Butcher(E2.5?)

Day 2, Stennis Head and Hanterman's Leap
Pleasure Dome(E3)★★★
Bloody Sunday(E4)★★★

Day 3,

←Hanterman's Leap
Looking at Bloody Sunday

The Gear

●Helmet C.A.M.P. Armour Lady  

●Harness Cassin Laser Super

●Protections  Black Diamond Stopper, Camalot
                        Wild Country, Rock

Freshwater Beach


Sunday, 7 August 2011

My random weekend

Sat 12:oop.m trainging at the barn

Sat 8:00p.m learnig how to DJ

Sun 2:oopm climbing at Chee dale

enjoying non stop summer!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Hebden Bridge Local day

We have a lots of local crags around Hebden Bridge. They may not the best crags in the world but it's great to have local rock.

Within 10-15 min drive we have Heptonstall, Mythlomsteeps, Widdop, Bridestones, Roost and many more!

Heptonstall traverse Good for stamina training

Path to the Roost crag walking thorough beautiful forest

The Roost

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Finally I have ticked "The Bulge 8a".

This has been my longest ever project. I knew I could do it, but having falling off the final crux move (the very top) many times it became more a mental battle.
Always I had to stay positive each try getting mm's closer. I have learnt so much trying this route.Believe in yourself, you can do it, never give up and just keep trying! and " KIAI " spilit.

Yatta- Dekita.

This photo is from last year....

Friday, 20 May 2011

Road Trip to Tarn

Gorge du Tarn & La Boffie

Les Aile du Desir 7b+

It was shame most routes in the main area were closed for rebolting, but still lots to climb and new routes are being developed all the time.

Weather was amazing during our trip, it was almost too hot to climb mid day. Morning swim to cool down bwfore climbing.

I really enjoyed all diffirent climbing styles of this area. This trip I tried practicing my onsite technique. I didn't break any records, but managed to onsite 7b and quick red point 7c which is not bad for the biginign season for me.

It was brilliant to have light weight gear for the long routes.
★Harness ( CAMP Laser)
★Quickdraw (CAMP)
★80M Rope ( Tendon Master 9.7mm)

Can you belive there are single pitch over 100m!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Good start to the season!

I can't believe the English weather is so good at the moment!
The crags are in great condition, already, which has enabled me to kick off the sport climbing season early. I've been getting out to my favorite crag in Yorkshire, Kilnsey, over the past few weeks and yesterday managed to send 'Biological Needs' (7c).
I can feel my stamina coming back after a winter of bouldering and training. Psyched!
I also got on 'The Bulge' (8a) which i tried last year so we will see what happens when i get back from my trip to france. Me and Tim are going to the Millau area in the south of France for 3 weeks of sport climbing. Gamba Gamba!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Completed tick list

'Desert Island Arete SDS' (7b) was one of my bouldering tick list this year.
powerful moves to start and balancy move to finish. I was almost off and could have falling at any point but went through with my 'KIAI' (fiting spirit) and power scream.It was worth to have that one extra last go.
Yeah, now I am moving on to sport route. Psyced!!

Start warming up 9:00A.M

Friday, 1 April 2011

I am back!

I am back long break from blogging.

It's been a long winter. I have spent a lot of time in The Depot Climbing Centre for training training training. It's been a great vibe there climbing with friends always same goal get stronger climb harder.
I hope all the effort is going to pay off this season.

Now it's spring. New season new start!